How is it made?
Handmade with semolina and water, no additives or preservatives, no chemicals with only the best products available.

How should I cook it?
Every 100 grams of pasta requires 1 litre of boiling water before you place the pasta in with 10 grams of salt. Depending of thw shape 2-3 minutes depending on how al-dente you like your pasta. Al-dente in English translate to the tooth and means how hard or soft you like your pasta.

How do I store it?
It is always best to eat it fresh. It will last up to 4 days in the fridge and can be frozen and cooked from frozen, however the cooking time will increase by 2 minutes.

Is your pasta gluten free?

How much pasta should I buy for my family of four?
A serving size should be between 80 – 125 grams per person. We always recommended a little more so you can have some leftovers for lunch.

Can I take your pasta on the plane back home with me?
You can as long as you are taking a small flight and it was refrigerated prior to flying.

What is the best pasta to buy?
The very best pasta in the world is the one you like the most.