About us

The Tasmanian Pasta and Sauce Company was born from my Sicilian heritage and raised in Tasmania. I worked in Rome, Sydney and the east coast of Australia, I moved to Tasmania in 1999 and opened a restaurant on Bruny Island, called Rao’s on Bruny. After several years on Bruny I purchased an import Italian food business with my mate, called Serra Rao Fine foods. From this we made our retail outlet and restaurant called the Italian Pantry. After bringing many new and amazing “firsts” to Tasmanian like Prosciutto di Parma, Buffalo Mozzarella and many others.

We then had great success with our dinners at the Italian Pantry receiving an award from the Italian government, Ospitalita’ Italiana for the most authentic Italian food provider in the Asia/Oceania and top 5 finalists in the world. The Italian government flew us over to receive this award.

Through this my love of pasta grew ever stronger. Over many years of travelling back to Italy to trade shows, I would often take part in pasta classes. When I returned to Australia I had the chance to buy some old pasta machines from a Tasmanian/ Italian legend, I later found out it was the first type of this machine to be delivered to Australia and the Southern hemisphere in 1976. This old machine would only produce 4 kg per hour. We still use this machine sometimes today but we now have a newer machine that produces a bit more.  Soon we hope to be making dried pasta. I also ran many pasta classes in our cooking school.

Christmas 2017 we will be collaborating with some farmers and another chef, Will Chapman from the Derwent Valley to participate in the Taste of Tasmania Hobart.

With over 30 years of cooking Italian cuisine and a lifetime of making pasta with my family I am able to produce something from that is dear to my heart and this shows with every mouthful.